Central School is now accepting applications for temporary rentals.  Temporary rentals are offered exclusively to artists or art organizations.  All interested temporary tenants must call the Arts Council at 337-439-2787 to check for available dates. 

Visit the Central School photo tour page to view the auditorium.

Benjamin W. Mount Auditorium Rates:

  • Performance/Event – $250 for first four hours, $50 for each additional hour up to $450 for entire day. Four hour minimum.
  • Set-up fee for the day before event: $125. There is no set-up charge if set-up will take place on day of event.
  • Concession area is not included in price of theatre rental but can be added for a reduced package fee.
  • Theatre + Alcove – $275, four hour minimum; $475 for entire day
  • Theatre rental rates by the week, or multi-week, will be evaluated by the type of use. Addition of the alcove space in the package will also be evaluated by type of use.

400 (298 permanent seats/102 folding chairs)

A $300.00 cleaning/damages deposit in the form of a check will be collected by the Arts and Humanities Council before the theatre reservation can be confirmed. If the theatre, reception area, and 2nd floor hallway are not returned to their original state of cleanliness, or if any damages occur during the time of the rental, the deposit will be used.  Checks should be made payable to The Arts and Humanities Council of Southwest Louisiana.


  • Events and functions must be approved by the Arts Council before signing this agreement. Rentals of the theatre is only available for arts, humanities, or cultural related events and functions, including:
    • Visual Art Exhibits
    • Workshops, Seminars, Conventions, Conferences
    • Music Performances
    • Board Meetings
    • Lectures and Readings
    • General Meetings for Arts Organizations and Art Groups
    • Theatre Productions
    • Demonstrations and Classes
    • Dance Performances
    • Film Screenings
    • Rehearsals
    • Exhibit or Performance Receptions
  • If your event will involve food and drinks in the reception area and your estimated attendance of event exceeds 150+, you must use the City of Lake Charles’ list of certified caterers.  You may obtain this list by contacting the Arts and Humanities Council.
  • Events with 150+ attendees require proof of insurance, or special event insurance.  This may be purchased through the City of Lake Charles’ insurance policy.  You may obtain the application for insurance by contacting the City of Lake Charles.
  • Events with 75+ attendees or events that have a majority of minors attending require a security guard.
  • Presence of a security guard for any event rental can be required at the discretion of the Arts and Humanities Council or the City of Lake Charles. Events with a majority population consisting of minors will be required to provide a uniformed security guard for the entire duration of the event, including one full hour following the conclusion of the event.
  • Central School Theatre is a historic structure.  Please respect the building’s age and delicacy by taking special care in preparing for your event.  No food or drink is allowed in the theatre at any time.  No hanging of items, tacking, nailing, or taping of the stage will be permitted.
    On the first day of rental, an Arts and Humanities Council representative and an event representative will conduct a walk-through of the entire area and fill out a condition report, marking known blemishes.  At the completion of the event, an Arts and Humanities Council representative will conduct a second walk-through for any new blemishes, other than usual wear and tear.  The temporary tenant will be responsible in repairing/replacing any damages that are incurred during the event rental. The security deposit may be applied against any cost of repair, replacement, damage or loss.
  • Technical Assistance:  If technical assistance with lighting and/or sound is needed for your event, we may be able to provide you with the name of several approved technicians.  Payment for technical support is NOT included in the rental fee.  Temporary tenants will be responsible for paying the technician directly and will contact the Arts Council at 439-2787 to discuss any technical aspects of the event.
  • The City of Lake Charles along with the Arts and Humanities Council reserves the right to deny use of the facility to individuals or organizations that (a) violate or advocate the violation of the civil rights of citizens, or (b) conduct or advocate illegal activity. The City of Lake Charles along with the Arts and Humanities Council further reserves the right to remove from Central School any such individuals or organizations; in the event of the exercise of this authority.  Under these circumstances, the temporary tenant waives all claims for damages on that account.
  • Liability:  Neither the Temporary Tenant, nor participants or spectators, shall hold the City of Lake Charles nor the Arts and Humanities Council nor any of its employees liable for any accident or injury incurred as a result of traveling to and from or participating in any event resulting from this rental.
  • Interruption of Services:  The City of Lake Charles along with the Arts and Humanities Council shall not be responsible for or liable to Temporary Tenant for any loss resulting from any lack of heat, water, lights, or air conditioning due to the failure of any of this equipment to operate or function properly through no fault or act of the City.
  • Termination of Events by 10 p.m.:  All guests and renters must vacate the facility and the grounds by 10 p.m.  The Sonitrol alarm system will automatically arm itself at midnight.  If police are called to Central School on an alarm response call, the Temporary Tenant will be responsible to pay any fees assessed by the police as well as an additional day’s rental.
  • Parking: Parking is available in the parking lot behind the building only.  Parking on the facility’s grass is strictly prohibited and will be enforced.  Any vehicles parked on the grass will be towed at owner’s expense.  Arrangements for additional parking in the United Methodist Church’s parking lot may be available but should be discussed directly with the church office.
  • Cleaning:  The temporary tenant is responsible for cleaning up the room(s) and restrooms immediately after the event.  All trash should be brought out to the waste disposal in the Central School parking lot.  Any spills that occur on the floor or walls should be cleaned.
  • Other Matters:  Any matter not herein expressly provided for shall rest solely within the discretion of the City of Lake Charles and the Arts and Humanities Council management.
  • A $50.00 key fee will be charged if keys are not returned to the Arts and Humanities Council Office by the next business day.


  • All payments are due in full 2 weeks prior to the event and will be sent to the City of Lake Charles at the 6th floor of City Hall.
  • Checks for theatre rental should be made payable to the City of Lake Charles.
  • The event cannot be confirmed or put on the Central School calendar until payment has been received by the City.