Student Art War competition: Registration

This registration page is for students in grades 4-8.
For adult/high school student registration, click here.

Each April, downtown Lake Charles becomes the place to be during our Spring Art Walk as cafés, restaurants, music venues, and vacant properties are transformed into art galleries for the evening. At the center of the Art Walk will be an explosion of live art at our innovative outdoor Art Wars competition, which will celebrate the creation process with an exchange of fresh ideas and new energy for our city.

Kids, grades 4-8, both individual and/or teams— are invited to create a mural live in front of a street-side audience in only an hour. Art Walk participants will vote on their favorite mural by depositing tips into each team’s tip jar, and 50% of the tips will go directly to the team. High school students may participate in Adult Art Wars.


Student Art Wars | Friday, April 24th from 6-7 pm | Voting from 6-7 pm |
Silent Auction from 6-7:30 p.m. | Winner announced at 7:30 p.m. |

  • Team registration fee is $25. Link for online payment will be provided following application approval.
  • All materials, except for the foam core “canvas”, must be supplied by the team. Any mediums, any material, and any theme is accepted.
  • Each team will receive a sheet of foam core to create on. The size of the foam core is approximately 20”x30”.
  • Unless advanced notification is given to the Arts Council, all finished murals will be in a silent auction during the Art Walk. Teams will receive 70% of the sales made off their mural. Unsold murals become the property of the artist or team. Murals that have not been claimed after 8:30 p.m. will be recycled.
  • All tips and purchases of murals within the Art Wars must go through Arts Council staff.
  • Voting will be determined by tips for each mural, and artists will receive 50% of their tips. Teams are invited to stay at the Art Walk until the winner is announced and to claim any unsold murals.
  • Arts Council staff & volunteers will gather tip jars at 7pm to determine winner. Adult contact for teams will later receive a check for 50% of tips and 70% of silent auction sale, mailed to the address provided below.
  • The Arts Council does not encourage censorship, but all teams should create work that is suitable for the Art Walk, which is a free and public event that draws families. Work that should be deemed entirely unsuitable for public view will be removed from the Art Wars.

* 5pm
– Check in at Arts Council table at corner of Ryan & Broad Street

* 6-7pm – Art Wars!
* 7:30pm – Winner announced

Submitting an application does not guarantee participation.

If you do not receive an email confirmation within 2 business days of submitting your application, contact [email protected] or call us at (337) 439-2787.

Questions, comments, and suggestions also welcome.

Spring Art Walk: Student Art Wars competition

  • Please enter a number from 1 to 4.
    Up to four students can be on a team, and the Art War is limited to the first ten team registrations. Individuals may compete by themselves. The team must work together within the allotted space and time to cooperatively create a single mural.
    The Arts Council is not liable for lost, damaged or stolen artwork. The Arts & Humanities Council of Southwest Louisiana reserves the right to relocate, reschedule, or cancel Spring Art Walk in the event of inclement weather or other acts outside of this organization’s control. In the event of such instances, registration fees may not be refunded. By submitting this form, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined throughout this application page.